Talent Concept

Human centered: Everything is for the comprehensive development of human beings. Actively creating a collaborative and harmonious corporate environment, striving to create high-quality, high-performance, and cost-effective products, with a global perspective, a broad mindedness, and a pioneering spirit, winning shareholder recognition, employee recognition, industry recognition, and customer respect, putting people first and focusing on common development, are the foothold and starting point of Goldman Sachs management.
Virtue first: Be a good person in advance, and consider character in products. Goldman Sachs personnel must possess the professional character of being down-to-earth, hardworking, united and cooperative, and fulfilling their duties, as well as the pioneering spirit of being optimistic, passionate, striving for excellence, and daring to climb new heights. To do something, be a person first. Integrity is the virtue, pragmatism is the virtue, mutual assistance is the virtue, and progress is the virtue - putting virtue first is the basic standard for Goldman Sachs to measure talent.
Talent based selection: Priority should be given to selecting talents with virtue and ability. Talents are Goldman Sachs' primary resource and the main executing force of its strategy. Goldman Sachs adheres to the principle of putting people first, paying special attention to the construction of professional teams and the cultivation of enterprise backbone. It advocates the employment standards of "honing and solidifying, selecting the best among the best, recommending talents and selecting talents, only acting on the basis of ability, and being able to go up and down", and has established a distinctive, personalized, fair and open talent incentive mechanism. The fundamental principle of Goldman Sachs in selecting talents is to cultivate versatile talents in all aspects, and boldly appoint talents with excellent moral character, proactive progress, and professional excellence.