Company Profile

Tianjin Goldman Sachs Wire Rope Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established in Tianjin by Hong Kong Gaoli Group (listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange) and Tianjin Metallurgical Group. The factory was founded in 1939 and was invested and controlled by Hong Kong Gaoli Group in 2002, establishing Tianjin Gaoli One Rope Steel Wire Rope Co., Ltd; In 2005, Burton invested and controlled the company, which was renamed Burton (Tianjin) Wire Rope Co., Ltd; In 2009, Hong Kong Gaoli Group increased its capital again to hold 70.5% of the shares and changed its name to Tianjin Goldman Sachs Wire Rope Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Goldman Sachs is an executive director unit of the Wire Products Industry Branch of the China Steel Structure Association and a director unit of the China Elevator Association. It is committed to the research and development, design, and manufacturing of steel wire ropes for various harsh conditions and improvement purposes. With a dedicated product and professional service model, it provides systematic solutions for steel wire rope selection, installation, use, and maintenance suggestions for domestic and foreign users. At present, the company has a construction area of nearly 80000 square meters and has 5 internationally leading pre tensioning and tensioning rope equipment as well as steel strip and coating production lines. The annual production capacity of steel wire rope reaches 70000 tons, and there are multiple fixed length cutting and distribution centers located at the headquarters in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Tianjin, providing timely on-site delivery services.

Tianjin Goldman Sachs, with its international design philosophy and technical strength, and its relentless pursuit of "high, precision, uniqueness, and depth", leads the industry's competitive advantage. It is a high-tech enterprise that drafts the national standard for elevator steel wire ropes and has the qualification of a nationally recognized laboratory (CNAS). The conditional life testing machine covers all European, American, Japanese, and international standards. Tianjin Goldman Sachs has deeply optimized the wire rod, yarn core, grease, twisting process and tooling, and successfully launched a series of products such as Arise, Best, G-Rope, etc. to improve the service life of steel wire ropes in harsh design and usage environments. At the same time, according to the development strategy of "producing one generation, trial producing one generation, researching and developing one generation, and reserving one generation", we continuously increase technological investment. We have achieved new breakthroughs in products such as compacted strand steel wire ropes and coated plastic steel wire ropes.
Tianjin Goldman Sachs Wire Rope Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "seeking novelty in concept, seeking practicality in management, improving technology, striving for high quality, people-oriented, and rapid development", promote the corporate spirit of perseverance, progress, and infinite transcendence, adhere to attentive service, meticulous service, and advanced service, and work together with customers to achieve shared achievements. We are committed to becoming a world-class wire rope enterprise with "high quality, high grade, and high efficiency".